The Little Things

9/9/2015 In our world of electronic shifting, GPS tracking, carbon fiber and titanium frames, it’s easy to get lost in all the technology. But sometimes it’s the little things that bring you back to what you love most about riding and selling bicycles. This past weekend we were reminded of those little things, as we were doing bike safety checks for the JCC Kids Triathlon. From “Frozen” themed bikes, to full blown miniature tri-bikes, they were all there, but even more impressive than the bikes were the smiles and enthusiasm on all of the kids faces. That enthusiasm is infectious, and we couldn’t help but get excited as well. By game day, the kids had put on their game faces and were ready to go. To see that determination was truly inspiring. We want to thank all the kids who participated and are an inspiration to all of us old-timers.

Another great incident of how the “little things” really can make our day happened yesterday. A customer and her son came into the shop yesterday to pick up her bike. After Dave helped her get her bike into the car, he extended his hand to the son, and I watched as the kid instead wrapped his arms around Dave. When he came back into the shop, Dave told me the kid said that “he was a hugger”. I was just beaming. It’s those little experiences that fill our daily jobs with so much joy and happiness, that bring us back for more.