Making Friends

Sold an awesome bike today.  A Bianchi Sempre Pro with Ultegra 11spd.  The customer was absolutely amazing.  He truly put his trust in us to find him the right mix of European history and style, but with a modern and durable set up.  We offered up a few really great options, but he decided on the Sempre Pro and we couldn't agree with him any more.  The bike is beautiful from stem to rear derailleur.  Beyond that, our customer was into bass guitars.........which we are too.  And likes most of the same bands that we do as well.  Sometimes we find that our sales process isn't just bikes and their parts, it's learning who our customers are, and what their interests are.  Sometimes that actually helps guide us to a bike that not just suits your needs, but suits your personality.  So we didn't find a customer today, we made a friend, and honestly, that's how we like to approach our daily workday.  We want to provide our customers with friendly, honest, and experienced advice, but it is a collaborative effort, we make sure that you, the customer are the largest part of the decision making process. Come on in and let us help find the RIGHT bike for you.