Spring Growth

The shop is slowly growing with more inventory and we are beginning to have customers coming in and asking about the new store.  We've received a ton of bikes and have gotten them all built.  With the influx of inventory we are starting to see the shop take fill out a little bit.   We are so fortunate to have such great partners in this endeavor that before we go any further, we should probably take the time to thank all of those that helped us achieve this dream.  To our wives, Cheryl and Caitlin, our parents, Heidi and Uwe, Raymond and Richard Florman, David Duy, Mark Suardi, Herman Rapert, Jay Strothman, Matt Willenbrink, Gus Wagner, Steffen Mackert, Jim and Patrice Thebeau, Chris Brewer, Brent Cohrs, Trevor Litten, Dave Snead, T.J. Erlacker, Rob Versteegh, Lisa Demas Knight, Mark Kilo and his staff, John Merli and the Dogfish crew, Brad Baum, and all of our friends and customers that have shown us so much support and enthusiasm.  We couldn't have gotten opened our doors without the help off all of these folks.