Trek World

Trek World,  August 1st-3rd:

Whenever we tell people that we are going up to Trek World for 3 days of seminars, test riding, and looking at new products, they often suggest that we are going up there to “drink the Kool-aid”.  It’s often said in a negative context, but honestly, we like Kool-aid, so it’s with eagerness and excitement that we travel up to Madison, Wisconsin for the Expo.  It’s a little like having access to back stage pass at a rock show, you tend to hear and see things that generally don’t find their way to the masses.

It is truly amazing to see all the different elements that Trek has under one roof.  We can’t lie and say that we don’t feel like kids in a candy store, but we are also there to conduct business, and learn about the products that we sell.  With every endeavor that they undertake, they don’t leave any stone unturned.  The level of detail that they bring to each product is staggering, it’s no wonder that their products are so great.  It’s also refreshing to hear them admit when a product doesn’t reach their expectations.  They learn from those mistakes and then improve the design.  They also admit when another company is doing a better job.  In short, they are determined to be the best, while still showing humility.

If liking Trek Bicycles, and Bontrager products means that we are “drinking the Kool-aid”, then please, pour us another glass.