Then and Now

I have to admit that I am a little longer in the tooth than a lot of our customers.  And I remember a time when bike shops were more than just a place to buy your bike stuff.  They were a gathering place for anyone that was into bikes.  You could talk new technology, old technology, racing heroes, racing tactics, touring do’s and don’ts, training plans, nutrition, music, maintenance, or even just on how your day was going.

I remember when I was still young, and a trip to the bike shop was nearly a rite of passage.  And the bike shop that I most visited was A-1 Bicycles. I’d let my parents know that I was riding to the shop, and from there, the adventure began.  I’d walk in the front door and the smell of rubber would hit me like a tidal wave, and the sight of shiny silver things everywhere.  It was certainly a good case of sensory overload.  I’d look into those display cases as if I was scrutinizing a Rolex, wishing that if I could only afford such a wonderful thing, all of my riding woes would disappear.  Inevitably the man behind the counter would reach into that case and hand me the new bright and shiny bike part that I had been gawking at.  He’d tell me where it was made, what it was made of, and spoke of the great quality.  Desires were set, and allowances began to be saved, all to one day head back to the shop to buy it.  Those guys behind the counter became my bridge to the greater culture of the cycling world. It was those interactions that really became genuine connections.

And while I may now be the one standing on the other side of the counter, I still have the same interest and enthusiasm to make that connection. What I truly love here at the shop is the daily interactions that we have with our customers.  It’s those connections that we make with each individual that makes the difference for all of us.  Our goal is that through the shop we interact and connect with a whole new generation of riders and introduce them to the wonderful world of bicycles.