Former St. Louis Cycling Club Member Jeff Rasch flying our colors while racing around the old Busch Stadium.

Former St. Louis Cycling Club Member Jeff Rasch flying our colors while racing around the old Busch Stadium.

Jeff off the front again, at yet another race.

Jeff off the front again, at yet another race.

St. Louis Cycling Club:

The oldest continuously running cycling club in the country, formed in 1887.
“The object of this Club shall be the promotion of all kinds of Cycling, advancement and protection of the interests, rights, and privileges of members of the Club and others engaged in the sport, the increase of interest in cycling and the spread of information in relation thereto among the public generally”.

With the club’s official slogan being “Headquarters in the Saddle”, it’s a given that the original founders understood that life is just better from the perch of a bicycle. And with that slogan in mind, we want to invite cyclists of every level, and every category to join the St. Louis Cycling Club.

With as rich of a history as the St. Louis Cycling Club has, we want to preserve as much of its core values as we can, while also pushing it to new heights. At the very core of any club, are the members themselves, and our Club gains in strength and influence with each and every member. So we are looking for riders of every ability, every category, and of every facet of the sport, to help us grow in numbers, help us with advocacy, and help us continue to provide guidance and mentor new riders. Within the Club structure, we also have sub-groups with very specific purposes and goals, two of those being Billy Goat/Trek Racing Team, and B.A.B.E.S.

We want to invite you to join the club, membership is $60 per year(can split to a monthly rate should you join mid-year), which will provide you with deep discounts on club clothing, great discounts on bicycles and even better deals on parts, accessories*(a few exceptions), and clothing at Billy Goat Bicycle Company. The shop will provide members with great selection, great products, great service, and a great experience. Billy Goat Bicycle Company is the new home for the Club, and we will provide our members and our customers a look into the rich history of the St. Louis Cycling Club. Billy Goat will also work diligently with Manufacturers, Vendors, and Suppliers to always be able to provide club members with the best deals on the best products.
If you are interested in hearing more, please contact the new club president, Dirk Sprogoe at


Billy Goat/Trek Racing Team presented by the St. Louis Cycling Club

If bike racing is your game, then the Billy Goat Racing Team just might be your game. With an emphasis on camaraderie and teamwork, therefore our focus is more on working and supporting one another. We’ve got a great mix of experienced riders that are mentoring a growing number of youngster and new riders to the sport. It’s this cohesion that sets our team apart of may of the other local teams. For new riders, the knowledge and advice that you can get from an experienced rider is invaluable. And for experienced riders, there is really nothing more rewarding, than mentoring riders towards better results, appreciation of their teammates, and a greater respect for our sport.

We are forever looking for athletes to enhance our racing team Young or old, experienced or inexperienced, we’d love to have you on our team. Our focus is racing, which is actually our only requirement for membership, simply that you need to participate in races during the calendar year. Our team is young, but rich on experience, our team is light on numbers, but cohesive as a group, and our team is focussed, yet will always dream of more success. If we sound like a group of individuals that you’d like to get to know better, simply reach out to us at


Details to follow: