Billy Goat/Trek Racing p/b St. Louis Cycling Club:

Billy Goat/Trek Racing Team presented by the St. Louis Cycling Club

If bike racing is your game, then the Billy Goat Racing Team just might be your game. With an emphasis on camaraderie and teamwork, therefore our focus is more on working and supporting one another. We’ve got a great mix of experienced riders that are mentoring a growing number of youngster and new riders to the sport. It’s this cohesion that sets our team apart of may of the other local teams. For new riders, the knowledge and advice that you can get from an experienced rider is invaluable. And for experienced riders, there is really nothing more rewarding, than mentoring riders towards better results, appreciation of their teammates, and a greater respect for our sport.

We are forever looking for athletes to enhance our racing team Young or old, experienced or inexperienced, we’d love to have you on our team. Our focus is racing, which is actually our only requirement for membership, simply that you need to participate in races during the calendar year. Our team is young, but rich on experience, our team is light on numbers, but cohesive as a group, and our team is focussed, yet will always dream of more success. If we sound like a group of individuals that you’d like to get to know better, simply reach out to us at