Rock Lobster Aluminum Race Frames

There are times when an off the rack bicycle just doesn’t fit your particular needs.  When those times arise, it’s nice to have a 20+ year network of custom frame builders that we have been working with.  So when our friends Keaton and Martin asked us if we could find them some cool aluminum road racing frames, we knew exactly which builder we’d be working with.  It had to be cool, it had to be rad, it had to be perfect, so it had to be Rock Lobster.  We’ve worked with Paul Sadoff at Rock Lobster Cycles for 20 years now, and it is always great to start a new project with him.  His excitement for his next build is equal to our customers desire to have something truly unique. 

Once Paul received the dimensions, he immediately had suggestions for some of the other details, from the head tube that he wanted to use to the diameter of the chainstays, he covered it from front to back.  We knew that these bikes were going to be cool, but once we pulled them out of the box, we were blown away.  Simple and elegant, the bikes are truly a reflection of their owners.  True Class and Truly Fast!!!!